How to Choose a Suitable Weather Station for Your Smart Sprinkler Controller

Reliable weather information can save you lots of work

Making a choice between different weather stations without knowing their details can be difficult. When setting up your Yardian profile, you might end up choosing the nearest weather station to your yard. However, when it comes to weather data, reliable information is always more important than distance. With Yardian’s in-app Data Integrity information, selecting the best weather station has never been easier.

It’s preferable for your smart controller to work with a detailed and comprehensive weather database. However, some weather stations only offer basic weather information while others give comprehensive details. Furthermore, unexpected accidents could interrupt data collection work, causing relatively unreliable weather data. With Data Integrity, you don’t have to research each weather station yourself, as this feature will help you filter out weather stations with incomplete data and find recommended stations.

weather station

Data Integrity displays a percentage to represent a weather station’s information level. The higher the value, the more types of data collected, and the higher the reliability of weather data. The highest value of 100% not only reflects the completeness of data categories such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitation, and so on, but it also shows that the data collected is suitable for watering schedule calculation. In other words, higher Data Integrity can help your Yardian produce watering schedules closer to your needs. To obtain an efficient smart watering schedule, we recommend choosing weather stations with a Data Integrity higher than 50%. 

With reliable weather information, you can save water and see better results with your plant growth. Therefore, please always take the distance and Data Integrity index references into consideration when selecting weather stations. Check the weather station of your choice today, and tune in next time for more tips.

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